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undercabinet lighting

elegance  |  SIMPLICITY

Add a touch of class to your cabinetry/displays. Our Under Cabinet fixtures take seconds to install- just unpack, screw in place, and plug in the power cord- it’s as simple as that.

Our Under Cabinet Series provide for exquisite, stylized lighting at prices fit for any budget.

LINX Undercabinet Features:

undercabinet lighting 1
undercabinet lighting 2
undercabinet lighting 3

Easy Installation

•Can easily be connected without the use of tools.

•Easy mounting with screws.


•Multiple fixtures can operate off of a single power supply.

•Connect up to 15 Linear ft at 30W – 12VDC


•Hardwire Power Connector

•Top/Side IR|Motion Dimmers

•Touch Dimmer

You Have Options



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undercabinet lighting 5
undercabinet lighting 6

Linx Undercabinet

It’s never been easier to add accent lighting to your cabinetry or shelving units. Up to 8 LINX Undercabinet fixtures can be connected utilizing the same power supply. Motion Sensors / Touch Dimmer control options available.

Halo Lighting

Halo fixtures are constructed for simplicity and efficiency. This revolutionary model consumes only 2 watts per fixture and has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. Run up to a maximum of 30 Halo fixtures from a single power supply!

Linear Retail Bar

The Mag-LED Solutions Retail Bar offers a unique reverse throw asymmetric light pattern- highlighting products on store shelves and display cases with little to no glare to customers.

Each fixture comes with three rare earth magnets installed on the back for snap-in installation on steel shelving.

Run Time Statistics

  • Lumen Output: 144-670Lm 58% 58%
  • Lifespan: 30,000 Hours 98% 98%




Model Number ML-LINX-6 | 9 | 20 | 24
LED 2835 LED
Length: 6in | 9in | 20in | 24in
Power: 2W | 3.6W | 6.6W | 7.5W
Lumen Output: 144-585Lm

•Adhesive Tape

•Metal Clips

Lifespan: 30,000 Hrs
IP Grade: IP40
Model Number ML-HALO-RND | SQ
LED 2835 LED
Types: Round | Square
Power: 2W per Halo
Lumen Output: 250Lm @ Cool White
Input Voltage: 12V


Lifespan: 30,000 Hrs
IP Grade: IP52
Model Number ML-RTB
LED 5630 LED
Power: 7W per fixture
Lumen Output: 670Lm
Input Voltage: 24VDC
Lifespan: 30,000 Hrs
Beam Angle: 114°
CRI: 80+
IP Grade: IP40


LINX Undercabinet

Halo- Round

Halo- Square