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Step 1:

Start by locating the module with the wire running out the back. This will be the top of the sign. Put a small amount of grease into each module end, then connect all modules together using the connectors. Looking at each module, you will notice a plus (+) and minus (-) sign at the end of the module.

All plus (+) signs must be on the outside edge- otherwise, the Stop Sign will NOT WORK. (Fig. 1)

Step 2:

After joining all connectors, your sign should look like Fig. 2

Step 2A: Looking at the back of the sign- at the top, locate the center point, go down 5/8 of an inch and 2 inches to the right. Spot mark and drill a 5/8 inch hole. This will allow you to run the wire from the modules to the back of the sign.


Step 2B: Looking at the front of the sign- at the top, locate the center point, go down 5/8 of an inch and to the left 2 inches. Spot mark and drill a 5/8 of an inch hole. This will allow you to run the wire from the modules to the back of the sign.

Step 3:

Peel off the protective covers of the adhesive strips on the back of each module, and feed wire through the hole previously made at the top of the stop sign. Then carefully place the LED frame onto the face of the Stop Sign, trying to match the outer edges as close as possible

Step 4:

Drill 8 holes using a #36 drill, one in each corner connector to secure the LED modules to the Stop Sign.

Step 5:

Using the supplied 6/32 x 3/4 screws, drive one screw into each drilled hole. (fig. 5)

Step 6:

Locate the Solar Panel and Swivel-Mounting bracket- using the M5 screws (4 pcs), lock washers (4 pcs) and washers (4 pcs). Attach swivel-mount bracket to Solar Panel as pictured (Fig. 6)

Step 7a:

Remove existing nut from bolt at top of the sign.

Step 7b:

Affix the solar panel mounting bracket to existing bolt, and use nut to tighten everything together.

Step 7c:

From the back of the sign, using 5/16 of an inch drill, drill a hole through the stop sign using the second mounting hole on the solar mounting bracket as a guide.

Step 7d:

Take 5/16 of an inch carriage bolt and feed through front of sign to the back- tighten 5/16 of an inch nut on end of bolt to sandwich all parts together.

Step 8:

Take Solar Panel and place on top of the mounting bracket. Adjust and orient Solar Panel for best sun exposure. Tighten (2) Set Screws to lock in position.

Step 9:

Add a small amount of Dielectric Grease to the connector of the Solar Panel, then the connector on LED Module. Connect the wires. Tighten the thread on the connector to ensure waterproofing. IF THIS IS NOT DONE, THE WARRANTY WILL BE VOID.

What’s In The Box?

Operation: Locate the silver button on the backside of the Solar Panel- 1 Press will turn the sign on. A second press will advance to the next cycle (LEDs will turn on for 3 seconds to indicate the next cycle). After the 4th cycle, LEDs will turn on for 3 seconds, and the sign will shut off.

Cycle 1: 30 Blinks per Minute – Double Blink
Cycle 2: 30 Blinks per Minute – Triple Blink
Cycle 3: 50 Blinks per Minute – Double Blink
Cycle 4: 50 Blinks per Minute – Single Blink (DOT Standard)*

*FDOT Compliant



Monday to Friday

9:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday & Sunday



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