Power Surge Protector 10KVA


The ML-10kVA-SM is a 3-leaded device that protects line-ground, line-neautral, and line-ground, in accordance with IEEE C62.41.2 guidelines
Protection against surges according to IEEE C62.41.2 C3 high exposure (10kVA and 10kV).
Uses UL recognized components in the United States and Canada (UL1449 Types4 SPD)
Thermally protected transient over-voltage circuit



Physical Dimensions

Model Number ML-10KVA-SM
Input Voltage Range 120-277Vac
Enclosure Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature -55°C-85°C
Surge Protection Level 10kV
ANSI C62.41 Category C
Mounting 3/4 Knockout or Mounting Screw
Environment Dry/Damp
Certification MOVs E320116
Dimensions 2.84"L X 1.16" H
Weight 0.60lbs