Line Voltage -120VAC
Cuttable by OEM only
Please specify length at time of order
Max Run 100'
Standard Output Applications High Output Applications Ultra High Output Applications
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Residential Cove Lighting
  • Back Lighting Translucent Stone Surfaces
  • Task Lighting
  • Replacement For Fluorescent Lamps
  • Under-Cabinet Task Lighting
  • Back Lighting
  • Internal Lighting In Cabinetry
  • Path And Contour Marking
  • General Ambient Lighting In
    Commercial And Residential
  • Large Cove Areas
  • Outdoor Signbox
Model ML-FLEX-R-120X3030X4.5
Wattage 4.5 Watts per foot
LED Type 3030 LED
PCB Type Flex Circuit
Input Voltage 120VAC
Lumens 450Lm
Color Temperature 3000K White
4000K White
5000K White
CRI 80+