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Linear Retail Bar

Linear Retail Bar

The Mag-LED Linx Under Cabinet fixtures are the latest edition to our plug and play series. The Linx under cabinet fixture makes installation easier than ever. Just unpack, snap in place, plug in the power cord- and it’s as easy as that. Linx is available in variety of color temperatures with a CRI of 80+ (90+ CRI is also available with a minimum order). Each fixture snaps seamlessly together to create a uniform line of light under a cabinet, shelving system, or around a toe kick area. The design allows for the user to link fixtures up to 15 feet. Manufactured for long life and reduced maintenance costs- all with environmentally safe construction.

  • Input Voltage: 24V
  • Lumens: 630-670Lm

Max Lumens Per Watt (Lm/W)

Download Product Files:



Model: ML-RTB
LED Type: 5630 LED
Lumen Output:

630Lm (WW)

670Lm (NW)

Power: 7 Watts / Module

•CW – Cool White – 5000K

•WW – Warm White – 3000K


•Metal Clips

Beam Angle: 114°
Protection Grade: IP40
CRI: 80+


Installation Clips

6" Connecting Cable

12" Connecting Cable

24" Connecting Cable

80" Connecting Cable