Halo Square Lighting

The Mag-LED Halo Under Cabinet fixtures are the newest additions to our plug and play series. The Halo Under Cabinet fixture makes installation easier than ever. Unpack, screw in place, plug in the power cord and enjoy the your new lighting.

Halo Under Cabinet is available in variety of color temperatures with a CRI of 80+. Each fixture has the capability to run a maximum amount of 30 Halos off a single power supply. Our Halo Under Cabinet fixtures are best installed for kitchen lighting, book shelf lighting, retail shelf lighting or around a display case.

Enjoy the benefits of LED lighting technology which offers long life, reduced maintenance costs, and environmentally safe construction.

Model Number ML-Halo-SQ
LED 2835
Power 2W per Halo
Color Source WW - Warm White - 2800K-3200K
CW - Cool White - 6000K-6500K
Input Voltage 12V
Lumen Output 25 Lumens @ Cool White
CRI 80+
Mounting Scews
Working Conditions -20 °C ~ 40 °C
Beam Angle 120°
IP Grade IP52
Fixture Color Silver
Basic power connectorPart No.: ML-UCC-BPS
Side IR/Motion sensor connectorPart No.: ML-UCC-IRS
Top IR/Motion sensor connectorPart No.: ML-UCC-IRSTOP
Touch dimmer connectorPart No.: ML-UCC-TDS
Quick snap singlePart No.: ML-QS-S 1 wire connection between fixtures
Quick snap doublePart No.: ML-QS-D 2 wire connection between fixtures
Quick snap TPart No.: ML-QS-TMulti-directional wire connection between fixtures
1.35mm Barrel cordPart No.: ML-PC-BC-B135
Flex connector6", 12", 18"Part No.: ML-UCC-DC-x"
Hardwire connectorML-UCC-HWMPC (Male end)ML-UCC-HWFPC (Female end)
U-Connector6", 10", or 14"ML-LINX-WCU-150 (6")ML-LINX-WCU-250 (10")ML-LINX-WCU-350 (14")
60 Watt power supplyPart No.: ML-PS-60W-A

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