CL 2D Micro

If you’re looking for a revolutionary product that offers
uniform, consistent, and well blended lights, don’t look
past our LED Chainlink Modules. Choosing this type of
light source for all of your needs will greatly enhance your
visual experience.

The LED Chainlink Module is very inexpensive, and at
this price, you can purchase many to create a combination
that only your imagination can determine.

No matter where you place this compact high powered
light source, you can rest assured that safety is at hand.
With a waterproof design and very little accumulated heat,
our LED Chainlink modules offers exactly what you need.
Moreover, it’s insanely easy to install on your own in just a
matter of minutes. If you’re looking for the right light output
in the perfect size, this model is ideal.

Model Number Cl2D-MI
Color Temperature CW-Cool White(6500K)
NW-Neutral White(4500K)
WW-Warm White (3000K)
Module Count 1-25 Maximum
Module Per Foot 2.5″ STD
Custom Available
Lumen Output 95Lm/W
LED Type 2835
Mounting Adhesive Tape
Storage Temperature   -20°F;~150°F;
Span Life 50,000 Hrs
Protection Grade IP65
Quick snap single
Part No.: ML-QS-S
1 wire connection between fixtures
Quick snap double
Part No.: ML-QS-D
2 wire connection between fixtures
Quick snap T
Part No.: ML-QS-T
Multi-directional wire connection between fixtures
60 Watt power adapter
Part No.: ML-PS-60W-P
96 Watt power adapter
Part No.: ML-PS-96W-P
60 Watt power supply
Part No.: ML-PS-60W-A
100 Watt power supply
Part No.: ML-PS-1000W-A
400 Watt power supply
Part No.: ML-PS-400W-A