Aurora Crystal Lite Bulb

Aurora has a beautiful and unique appearance. The
Aurora Crystal Lite Bulb geometric faces produce
intricate reflections causing intriguing refraction
effects that can’t come from smoothly manufactured
illuminators. With its jewel-cut textures you
could find yourself using Aurora as a visible decoration
to enhance the decor without the lamp shade.

The stunning luminance comes from Mag-LED
latest generation of SMD LEDs producing high
quality light. Equipped with an E14 base, installation
is simple and easy.

Give your home or business that classy and sophisticated
feel that can complement nearly any design

Model Number ML-AUR-HEX
Wattage 4.3 Watts
Number of LEDs 14 pcs
Lumens 300-500Lm
Color Temperature 3000K - Warm White
4000K - Neutral White
5000K - Cool White
Input Voltage 120VAC
Storage Temperature   -20 °C ~ 55 °F
Base E14
CRI 80+
Warranty 2 yrs