PCB Manufacturing



Mag-LED Single Source

of Engineering

Unlike many Lighting Manufacturing
companies, Mag-LED manufactures all its PCB
board “in house” at our state of the art facility.
We take pride in assuring every PDC we make
meets our strict quality standards.

By utilizing the latest technologies in design
and production along with an experienced staff,
each PCB Board is constructed for longevity and
brand consistency in mind. Every PCB Board we
produce is value engineered resulting in cost
savings that we pass along to our clients.


Design Services

Mag-LED begins the process of designing LED
boards by utilizing our engineers area of expertise.
Our abilities will surpass your expectation –
consummating your confidence in us.

Our products have become a staple in
architectural, commercial, and residential
lighting markets for many OEMS around the country.


Creative Design Quality
Durable Innovative



Commitment To Quality

Quality is the utmost importance at Mag-LED.
Our PCB boards appear in many different
applications and industries, but the focus of quality
is consistent in everything we do.

At Mag-LED our team is committed to quality and
attention to detail before anything else.



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