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Mag LED’s line of Outdoor Lights feature a host of diverse designs that run the gamut of form and function. Our Cobrahead fixtures provide for energy-efficient roadway illumination, while our Explosion-Proof Pods allow for bright, reliable worksite lighting in the harshest environments. Looking for something larger? Our Gigantes fixtures were designed to provide an enormous amount of light for the largest of applications.

Mag-LED’s Outdoor Lights  incorporate high-end materials that will not wear down over time with heat cycling. Mag-LED and its years of experience offer a distinct advantage over similar products on the market- customization. Mag-LED Outdoor Lights are made to order- simply state your wattage and color temperature needs and we’ll create a module to fit your application. Mag-LED prides itself on outstanding customer service and ensuring that the needs of every application are met.

Cobra Heads