LINX Under Cabinet

The Linx Under Cabinet is ideal for shelf lighting, under cabinet lighting, kick-toe lighting, and display lighting. The Linx Under Cabinet lighting can be linked end-to-end up to 15 feet. The fixture comes in several different sizes: 6″, 9″, 20″, and 24″ lengths to fit various cabinet sizes. With two different color temperatures our LINX Under Cabinet fixture will provide an adequate lighting illuminating your work space. Our LINX Under Cabinet lighting fixture also comes with five different connectors: touch dimmer, side ir/motion sensor, top ir/motion sensor, basic connector, and our hardwire basic connector – all of which are controlled by our 60watt power supply. Our LINX Under Cabinet fixture is revolutionizing the lighting industry by allowing individuals to do their own DIY (do it yourself) projects. The LINX Under Cabinet fixture clips together as easily as 1…2…3.

LINX Under Cabinet

  • Power supplies can handle multiple fixtures

  • Available in warm white and cool white

  • No hot spots are visible when the fixture is installed

  • Low voltage is needed to operate the fixture

  • Fast and simple installation

  • Easy touch dimming is available with the fixture

  • Two different types of motion sensors are available
    • We have researched and tested a variety of linear light spectrum’s until we developed our custom spectrum which is ideal for those seeking maximum coverage capacity in linking fixtures together to create a continuing string of power from a single power supply. We are easily the highest rated fixture for PAR per Dollar and PAR per Watt on the market.
    • We are USA made, industrial quality, and convective cooling LED fixture.
    • We use only top quality LEDs encased in a heavy spray-proof aluminum case and an easy to clean poly-carbonate cover.
    • Our fixtures light from edge-to-edge light with no hot spots.
    • Our fixtures allow you to build your own lighting system on the fly and makes it easy to cover a 15ft area.
  • High PAR levels with immediate power savings compared to fluorescent or HID light sources.
3000K Warm White 80/90CRI

4500K Cool White 80/90CRI

We package our own LEDs and use the best die from the largest and most reputable LED
manufactures around the world.

Our fixture uses 4 different types of wattage's depending on the fixtures length. LINX Undercabinet wattage is as follows
    6" Length = 2.4watts
    9" Length = 3.6watts
    20" Length = 6watts
    24" Length = 7.5watts
Mag-LED under-drives the LEDs to ensure long life and high electrical efficiency.

Due to the large number of LEDs we use in every fixture, we do not need to over power
the LEDs to achieve extremely high PAR ratings.
Coverage Area:

15 feet of continue lighting from a single power source

LINX Under Cabinet is intended for indoor home upgrades, offices, etc only. LINX Under Cabinet is not
intended for outdoor use.

6" = 2.4watts
9" = 3.6watts
20" = 6watts
24" = 7.5watts

Voltage: 12VDC input (universal voltage power supply - can be used worldwide)

6" fixture =0.09lbs
9" fixture = 0.135lbs
20" fixture = 0.30lbs
24" fixture = 0.36lbs


About LINX Under Cabinet

The LINX Under Cabinet is a lighting fixture that can be used as a building block to create the perfect lighting environment. Each fixture is self contained and easy to install. The fixture is easily mountable with snap on clips for a fast and effortless installation. We have all the accessories you need to make your installation simple and easy. Each fixture operates on a low voltage DC. Our one power supply can handle multiple fixtures at one time, limiting the amount of wiring that has to be done when installing your lighting system. We offer a wide variety of supplies to fit almost any installation no matter the size. No matter what you use them for, you will enjoy long life and quality lighting.


Who could use LINX Under Cabinet?

LINX Under Cabinet lighting could be used by researchers, universities, collectives, dispensaries, warehouses, grocery stores, offices, work bench lighting, under cabinet lighting, and more.


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