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Personally Selected for the LIGRA

At Mag-LED, we have an amazing selection of products that would integrate perfectly with Gas Stations and Parking Lots. See what we have to offer!

A History of Customer Satisfaction


Mag LED is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial lighting in the state. Our fixtures are engineered to fit a variety of applications and the following have been personally selected for LIGRA based on the traditional lighting needs of Gas Stations and Parking Lots.

Huge selection of indoor and outdoor fixtures

Fixtures for Commercial or Residential Applications

Energy Efficient LED Technology

Fixtures processed and tested before they leave the facility

ligra 1

Replace and Save! Reduce your energy usage and increase your light output in minutes! Our Glow Stick retrofit kits allow you to easily change over your outdated fluorescent fixtures to energy efficient LEDs.


Each Glow Stick Retrofit Kit includes 2 light modules and a matched power supply. Each module has rare earth magnets attached to the backside to assist in installation.

The Mag-LED Shark Wall Pack is a slim line high output LED fixture designed to light up and/or down building facades. With our indirect lighting system, each fixture produces steady, even illumination with minimal glare.

Each fixture uses off-the-shelf power supplies for easy maintenance. A hinged back plate allows the fixture to open for easy access to the mounted power supplies- and a polycarbonate lens is used for vandal resistance. 

The Shark Wall Pack is a great, high-output, high-performance fixture that won’t take a bite out of your budget. 


ligra 2
ligra 3

Mag LED’s Flex Tape is a revolutionary and energy efficient alternative to accent and interior appliance lighting. Available in numerous lengths, voltages and color temperatures, Flex Tape is the perfect solution to lighting freezer interiors or adding decorative accents.

The Canopy LED Light is a unique outdoor fixture designed to efficiently illuminate large areas. Ideal for canopies, gas stations, truck stops, pharmacies, and restaurants- the integrated aluminum housing heat sink helps radiate the fixture’s temperature to prevent overheating.

State of the art LED arrays allow us to offer a wide variety of color temperatures to fit any application. Each LED module is fully tested in-house before installation. The Canopy LED Light is a waterproof design that offers easy installation and maintenance- all at one low price!


ligra 4

The Parkway v2 LED was designed with roadway safety and energy efficiency in mind- providing for evenly distributed lighting with maximum lumen output and minimal glare. Glare reduction and uniformity of light distribution are two factors in reducing high speed roadway accidents.

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The Express

An energy efficient  roadway fixture with high-lumen output and a fully adjustable knuckle. Available from Magniflood.

Explosion Proof Lights

Mag LED offers a variety of outdoor and explosion proof  work lights ideal for garage interiors.

Solar Lights

Our selection of energy-efficient Solar Lighting allows for installations in areas without access to power.

Work Lights

This sturdy and portable work light is perfect for construction sites, garages, or anywhere that requires large amounts of light.

Easy Installation

Our engineers strive to create quality lighting products that are easy to install and require very little maintenance.

Energy Efficient

We are one of Long Island’s largest manufacturers of energy efficient LEDs.  Our revolutionary LED technology produces more light and requires less power.

A History of Quality

Mag-LED has been producing cutting edge lighting products for nearly 2 decades- Magniflood our sister company is now celebrating over 70 years in business.

Huge Selection

With our gigantic inventory catalog- Mag LED has products and fixtures for any and all applications.

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