Injection Molding



Mag-LED Injection Molding

At Mag-LED we’re able to manufacture many of our products by the process of injecting molding. Injection molding allows us to make water tight enclosures, molded plugs and connectors. Mag-LED also specializes in injection molding for housings or lenses that protect LED modules designed for our customers.


Products That Are Molded

  • Connectors
  • End Caps For Fixtures
  • Plugs


  • Mounting Clips


  • Power Cords


Durable Quality
Long Lasting High Strength




Steps Of Injection Molding

1. Concept drawing

2. Choose materials to be used

3. Part design

4. Mold design

5. Mold manufacturing

6. Testing mold and pre-production

7. Production

8. Secondary operations and cleanup



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