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Mag-LED offers a wide range of indoor fixtures that run the gamut of form and function and are meticulously designed to fit any application. Our selection of recessed ceiling lighting provides a host of options to upgrade your indoor lighting. From our Marquee fixtures to our Garage and Soffit Lights.

Looking to make your green thumb a little bit greener? The GrowPro v4 is part of our line of indoor fixtures- engineered for plant growth and the generation of photosynthesis. The GrowPro v4 boasts an impressive 3.01 μmols – far exceeding the market standard. The GrowPro v4 will be the cornerstone component of anyone attempting to enter the grow industry or start an indoor growing facility.

Mag-LED’s fixtures incorporate high-end materials that will not wear down over time with heat cycling. Mag-LED and its years of experience offer a distinct advantage over similar products on the market- customization. Mag-LED fixtures are made to order- simply state your wattage and color temperature needs and we’ll create a module to fit your application. Mag-LED prides itself on outstanding customer service and ensuring that the needs of every application are met.