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HighBay Pods support a wide range of wattage options to fit most applications. Each Highbay POD comes with an indestructible polycarbonate lens (standard) and a wire-guard to ensure the fixture can stand up to the most demanding of conditions.

Each POD comes with a 10-foot cord and plug for simple installation. An OSHA complaint spring hook is also supplied allowing the installer to easily snap the fixture into place without fear of it falling. The Highbay pod can accept a full range of voltage 120~277VAC- allowing contracts and installers to use whatever power is available to them on site.

Mag-LED’s fixtures incorporate high-end materials that will not wear down over time with heat cycling. Mag-LED and its years of experience offer a distinct advantage over similar products on the market- customization. Mag-LED fixtures are made to order- simply state your wattage and color temperature needs and we’ll create a module to fit your application. Mag-LED prides itself on outstanding customer service and ensuring that the needs of every application are met.