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Gigantes High-Mast

The Gigantes High-Mast was designed for applications that require tremendous amounts of light to be spread evenly and without glare. The indirect reflector system was designed using a mirror pattern sheet reflector. This revolutionary system reduces glare while maintaining a high lumen output.

The die-cast housing is made from a low copper aluminum alloy giving each Gigantes High-Mast unparalleled strength and durability. Each fixture is equipped with a 10kVA surge module to help suppress transients and power surges. The Gigantes is the largest, and most durable of the fixtures Mag LED has to offer. A Monster-sized fixture suitable for the largest of applications.

Ideal Applications Include: Parking Lots, Airports, Football Fields, Soccer Pitches,  Schoolyards, Parking Structures and anywhere a large amount of light might be needed.

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