Tetris Grow Pro LED

The Tetris Grow Pro-LED is the agricultural industries highest Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) output LED fixture that also boasts the industrys highest PAR photon efficiency. The fixture has an optimized spectrum that maximizes photosynthesis and plant growth as well as providing a broad spectrum that allows for accurate visual assessment of the crop. Engineered for science, this unique truly industrial grade plant growth production Instrument fills the market need for high performance, high output, energy efficiency, and competitive cost that is lacking in the LED grow light market today.


  • Suitable spectrum for all phases of plant growth and production.

  • 50% more blue radiation than HPS to promote improved plant morphology and quality.

  • 40% less energy is required to produce and equivalent amount of delivered PAR than 1000w HPS.

  • Greater than 50% overall system efficiency as compared to 1000w HIDup to 70% greater PAR photon efficiency that 1000w HPS.

  • Passive cooling design eliminates inferior futures such as fans or other moving parts.

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly mercury-free lighting source compared too.

  • HID lighting systems requires hazardous waste disposal.
    • We have researched and tested a variety of grow light spectrum’s until we developed our custom  spectrum which is ideal for those seeking maximum vegetative growth and flowering capacity.  We are easily the highest rated fixture for PAR per Dollar and PAR per Watt on the market.
    • We are USA made, industrial quality, and convective cooling LED fixture.
    • We use only top quality LEDs encased in a heavy spray-proof aluminum case and an easy to clean polycarbonate cover.
    • Our fixtures light from edge-to-edge light with no hot spots.
    • Our fixtures allow you to build your own system on the fly and makes it easy to cover a 4’x4’ grow area.
  • High PAR levels with immediate power savings compared to fluorescent or HID light sources.
56% 660nm Deep Red

16% 625nm Red

12% 400mn Blue

16% 4000K Cool White 90CRI

We package our own LEDs and use the best die from the largest and most reputable LED<
manufactures around the world.

We use .2 ~.5w LEDs in our fixtures, and we under-drive the LEDs to ensure long life and high electrical efficiency.

Due to the large number of LEDs we use in every fixture, we do not need to overpower
the LEDs to achieve extremely high PAR ratings.
Coverage Area:

2ft or 4ft. when the Tetris Grow Pro-LED is the primary grow light.

Up to 64 sq ft. (8x8) when used as a supplemental light.

Lighting Times/Photoperiods (adjust as needed)

Vegetative Stage: 14-16 hours

Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours

Tetris Grow Pro-LED are intended for indoor gardens and greenhouses only. Tetris Grow Pro-LED are not
intended for outdoor use.

Power: 40 watts with 2ft fixture or 80 watts with 4ft fixture

LEDs: Multi Spectrum Suitable For All Phases of Growth (veg & flower)

Voltage: 120-277v input (universal voltage power supply - can be used worldwide)

Weight: 1.25 lbs. per fixture


What Can I Grow?

You can grow any indoor plant with our Tetris Grow Pro-LED Grow Light. Use a Tetris Grow Pro-LED Grow Light to grow tomatoes, orchids, roses, peppers, medicinal herbs, kale, spinach, wheat grass, aloe, broccoli, wildflowers, strawberries and many other flowers, fruits and vegetables. Tetris Grow Pro-LED will have your succulents and tropical’s literally exploding with life. Cacti (all types), carniverous plants (pitcher, flytraps,etc.) simply flourish. The Tetris Grow Pro-LED also makes an excellent choice for nurseries or retail stores needing to provide grow lighting to these types of plants over a large area. GrowPro provide coverage up to 9 sq ft (3’x3′) and are suitable for all stages of plant growth.


Who uses Tetris Grow Pro-LED?

Tetris Grow Pro-LED, are used by hydroponic & garden centers, master gardeners, home enthusiasts, florists, nurseries, researchers, universities, collectives, dispensaries and more.


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