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Mag-LED Flex Tape is revolutionizing the lighting industry as we know it. Utilizing flex-circuit technology, we’ve created a flexible, cuttable tape that features a powerful lumen output. Our Tapes are ideal for applications of perimeter lighting, toe-kick lighting, backlighting and contour lighting- keep your options flexible! Mag-LED and its years of experience offer a distinct advantage over similar products on the market- customization.

Mag-LED Tapes are available in a variety of color temperatures (CCT) and CRI configurations- and our tapes are made to order! Simply state your specifications and we’ll create a tape to perfectly suit your needs. Contact us for a free quote and make the switch today! Mag-LED prides itself on outstanding customer service and ensuring that the needs of every application are met.



Neon Tape

Mag-LED’s Neon Tape offers the Vibrant Glow of Neon light with the pliable, energy-saving construction of Mag-LED Flex Tape.