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Mag-LED Explosion Proof PODs are C1D2 rated fixtures; certified for use in all types of hazardous applications such as mining, pumping stations, military, and other high humidity, vapor, dust particle, and high-temperature locations. Each fixture features a copper-free aluminum-alloy body that is powder-coated for added durability. Explosion PODs are engineered with aluminum die-cast heat sinks which prevent the fixture from overheating. 

Mag-LED’s Explosion PODs  incorporate high-end materials that will not wear down over time with heat cycling. Mag-LED and its years of experience offer a distinct advantage over similar products on the market- customization. Mag-LED Explosion PODs are made to order- simply state your wattage and color temperature needs and we’ll create a module to fit your application. Mag-LED prides itself on outstanding customer service and ensuring that the needs of every application are met.