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Mag-LED’s line of Chainlink & Sign Modules provide for bright, eye-catching and energy-efficient LED signage. By incorporating smooth glow optics, Mag-LED Chainlink Modules eliminate hot spots that commonly appear in direct view LED Modules. Each molded lens delivers a 160° viewing angle, 40° greater than LEDs without a molded lens. By molding the lens directly to the heat sink, we are able to make a strong waterproof seal protecting the LED and circuit boards inside.

Mag-LED’s Chainlink & Sign Modules incorporate high-end materials that will not wear down over time with heat cycling. Our numerous years of experience offer a distinct advantage over similar retailers on the market- customization. Mag-LED Modules are made to order- simply state your wattage and color temperature needs and we’ll create a module to fit your application. We at Mag LED pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and ensuring that the needs of every application are met.